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Tuesday, 15 May 2012 13:04

NP5 Dark

Root-repelling liquid membrane


NP 5 DARK is a liquid resin-based polymer membrane with high strength additives and selected bitumen. It is mainly used to restore damaged liquid membranes, waterproofing roofs, sheds and exposed walls. NP5 DARK is also root-repellent and can be used as a sealant/waterproofing inside planters, flowerbeds, green roofs, foundations, retaining walls, etc.



Mono component 






Drying time:

30 min at 25º C

Overlapping time:

36-48 hours at 25ºC


from 3 to 10 days, depending on the ambient temperature

Net weight:

1, 35kg

Yield thickness:


Minimum application temperature:


Minimum application quantity:

2 kg/sq m on horizontal surfaces (reinforced)


1 kg /sq m on vertical surfaces


3kg/sq m for planters (reinforced)



Dilute the first coat with max. 25-30% of water

Dilute the second coat with max. 10% of water

NP5 DARK does not require an anchoring primer, except for deteriorated/damaged membranes or dusting concrete slabs. In this case we recommend the use of NAI 45. NP5 DARK can be easily applied with a roller, brush with synthetic bristles or airless pump. A total of 3 or more coatings are to be applied, with a total consumption of at least 1, 5-2.0 kg/square meter. The product must be applied in thin coating layers to speed up the drying process. To increase durability NP5 DARK should be protected with MIRCOAT S (aluminium paint) or NP5 COLOR to confer a good resistance to foot traffic. When treating retaining walls and planters, support the product with glass wool type Mat gr. 225/msq. Consumption per coating should be 400gr/msq for a total consumption of around 3kg/sq m.



Do not apply in temperatures below 5ºC

Do not apply in case of rain forecasts

Store in temperatures higher than 5ºC



1 kg x 24 pieces

5 kg x 1 piece

10 kg x 1 piece

20 kg x 1 piece

25 kg x 1 piece



Waterproofings of attics, flat roofs, industrial roofing, exposed walls and restorations of deteriorated/damaged bituminous with liquid membrane NP5 DARK (NAICI). Average consumption 2. 0 kg/sq m to be applied with 3 or more coatings.


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