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About Naici

The I.C.N. (Naici chemical Industry) was established in the 90’s. In a very short time the company registered a stable growth in sales and distribution. I.C.N. is based in Italy at Via Quinto Stradone Sandalo di Levante, Nettuno. In recent years the company acquired the prestigious brand NAICI, present on the market since the beginning of the 80’s.

The most renowned is NAICI with its range of products all developed by our experienced team of chemists who constantly research new practical solutions to problems related with building constructions, restorations, maintenance and protection. 

NAICI products are designed to satisfy the needs of the most demanding professionals in the construction industry and are the tangible result of ongoing daily research that contribute to solving all problems arising from constant building progress and exigencies.

The range of NAICI comprises of well over 200 different products that undergo strict controls combined with laboratory tests and constant stress by the company chemists prior to there introduction into the market, thus helping us to maintain high standards and leadership in the sector. 

We are constantly searching for new solutions that fulfil all building requirements and also safeguard the environment, thus maintaining it intact for future generations and fulfilling the required quality assurances. 

Due to its favourable location in central Italy and its very effective distribution network the company ensures product knowledge by its distribution personnel and timely deliveries of all its products.

Nowadays, our products are used in the majority of the Italian shipyards and are confirming their full value and total reliability with the most diverse modalities of application possible. This affirmation comes from applicators, engineers and designers who achieved success in their fields by relaying entirely on our solutions and the services of our skilled technicians and the vast range of products that are synonymous with reliability, quality and confidence.